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Jodie Chapman

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January 17, 2007



hello! i just paid you a visit via abigail's blog where i saw your comment...lovely to read about you + your life. such beautiful photos + your words made me smile :) i'm in complete agreement over all those things you want to do in life...i get that feeling too of wanting to do so much + worrying that i won't get round to it all. most of all i'd love a family...other facts?..well here's a few...i'm 31...i love the colour green, baking, dancing in the kitchen with my hubby, the seaside, old photos, drawing in biro + making lists...nice to meet you! x kelly


hi jodie,
thanks for de-lurking. nice to meet you and your blog!


hi jodie!
so glad you de-lurked on my blog, too. Loved reading a little history about you. We have John and Dan cabinet makers in my family too. And I married one of them! (dan)...
thanks again for stopping by. love your photography!


hi jodie, so fun to read about you! i totally get you on the pencil sharpener, i had something very similar happen to me. thank you for the sweet comments on my blog!


Your blog is lovely! Welcome, we would all have a look for that pencil sharpener if we could. : )


Hi Jodie,
Thanks for inviting me to visit your lovely blog. Your photographs are wonderful!


Nice to meet you! I am 35 and also (still) have an enormous life to do list that seems overwhelming.... I always wonder if I've even tried the one thing I was meant to be truly good at... My interests are so scattered... I let my children try everything that strikes their fancy because of that. LOVE LOVE LOVE the car photo... Saw your blog at Treats & treasures... All the best to you.



You're so like me! Believe me at your age it is all ahead of you.....PLENTY of time to get it all don't worry. I'm 57 now and still planning hundreds of things I want to do.
Come and visit me for some craft lessons! And you'll love my library if you like 30's to 50's knitting patterns. I have a good collection of wartime patterns....both wars!
BTW you need to visit Charity shops for old knitting patterns...they are a fortune on eBay but most charity shops have heaps of them for a pittance.
And....I didn't discover my biggest passion, quuilting, until I was mid-forties. Believe have LOTS of time to do it all!
Love your blog Jodie,
Auntie Linda


Thank you for the invitation to come over - your blog is charming! I want to do everything too - it's a good thing I think.


so nice to meet you - what a sweet couple you make!
i, too, am one of six siblings - i fall on the older side of the middle...


although i wasn't invited over, i am so glad i found your great list of things you want to do....sounds like mine....i'm sure that you could have had leo, but greggers i'm sure is better! :)


hello, I just stumbled upon your blog. What a lovely post...some of the things are reminiscent of me! Sometimes we may get depressed and down about the things we want to do but we should really try and focus on the many wonderful things that we have done.
We live in a world where most of us focus on the negative, we get consumed in our failure and pay little attention to the good. Life is ultimately a learning experience & it's important to focus on the excellent qualities we have- those are the ones that ultimately matter! And we shouldn't dwell on the things we can't get to...maybe they simply aren't meant to be.


Hey Jodie,

What a fun list! Thanks for sharing and de-lurking. It's good to have lots of goals and list of things that you want to do. I started a "life list" last year in hopes that it will kick myself in the ass to actually go and try to accomplish some of them.

I did manage to learn to knit something other than a plain scarf last year. It's not much but it's something!! :)


thanks for inviting me too! your photos of lovely - and taste in movies - perfect!


Hi hey thanks for stopping by! I love your site and it was great to read all about you!

I completely understand the overwhelming desire to do so many fabulous things at once! It does get depressing sometimes especially with all the talent out there!!! I think you have a fabulous start!

I also won a coloring contest when I was young (maybe hence the coloring book) and never really got to claim the prize either, so I am right there with you. I feel your pain! Hugs!

Have a lovely day!!! xox=vv.

amanda bel

(oops...I tried to comment earlier, but I don't think it worked!) Just wanted to say hello, and how stunning your blog is! And your photography is just beautiful too!


Thanks so much for de-lurking! What an absolutely lovely blog you have. I'm adding you to my Bloglines right now. I also love Colin Firth and have an endlessly long list of things I love and want to learn more about (photography being the latest).

I adore (my husband says I'm a littlr over-obsessive) all things British and was immediately jealous when I saw you live there.



I found your blog through Simply photo, and I am so happy I did. Love your photography and your great taste! I'm Line, 31 from westcoast of Norway. I write, I knit and I want to find an old house by the sea and learn some japanese.

Tiel S-K

Colin is a bit scrummy!

it is the curse of the creative mind not ever feeling like you have achieved what you want to do. I can think of a thousand things I would like to do!

great blog, great photos.


Hey, you know what the coolest thing is? I am the oldest of 6 children. I have three brothers (Jimmy, Chris and Nick) and I have two sisters (Michelle and Kim). That is so cool. I have never met another person that has had the same family type as I. Although, I only have one nephew so far. I'm sure there will be more in the future. No kids for me yet.

I love watching movies too. I'm not particular to a certain type except I'm not really into sci-fi or horror, but I do watch them occassionally. My favorite old movie is Gigi. Love that movie. I love Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. So awesome. "'enry 'iggins just you waait."

Love your blog.


i like your blog a lot . . . life lists are good . . . i made own and posted on my blog last year and then for christmas, my mom made sure to address some of my "goals" . . . bought me a guitar, some items to crochet with, etc. happy writing :)

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