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Jodie Chapman

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January 17, 2007


lisa s

hi jodie... so... you had me at the audry hepburn banner [love love love]

can't wait to see what you do w/ a polaroid.

i'm not sure if i have a favorite photo subject, but nature sure comes up a lot.... hmmmm

be well


hi jodie,
i love your basin shots. and your sister's apartment... wow! yum.
i guess i don't have a favorite subject as of yet... although i do like all things in the home.


Your pics are lovely and your trip sounds so fun! I haven't been to New York either and would loooove to go someday.

Yes. Hmmm. The girly mags might be a bit worrying...


And he has a fantastic sense of style...I am a little worried... :-)


I wanted to comment on your blog yesterday but I was feeling ill and you beat me to it! I used to take pictures all the time but ever since digital it just hasn't been the same. I love vintage pictures too and the layout of your blog is beautiful.


Oh, I love NY. It's like my second home especially since my brother moved there. Those lamps that your sisters have are to die for...

I seem to have a thing for trees...I was looking at my photos from a trip to Australia 5 years ago and I think about 50% of the pictures were just of trees...


love your pics! the light/colour in your sister's apartment is amazing + that fireplace...swoon!

i take a lot of photos of trees too + nature in general...oh + our cat is a very willing subject. i'd love to go to ny one day. my hubby's been twice without me so i must persuade him to take me :)

on the subject of magazines...i have a match for your other half in mine...he has a good old flick through all my magazines too so don't be worried! x


hello there. just found your blog today. lovely blog you got here :) like you, i love new york - new york, my best friend lives there, so i visit her quite often...i can never get enough of nyc! be well, cheers, c.


Hm...favorite photo subject? Definitely tiny things. Itsy, bitsy things. Oh, and cats. Your sister's apartment is stunning! And, I agree, digital is *not* the same as film.


Hi Jodie,

In the spirit of friendly comments from new readers, my boyfriend has also been known to read some of my girly magazines, ha. It's fascinating stuff, isn't it??

Can't wait to see more of your photos!


Oh, I like his style and his haircut, very cool, good taste. Don't worry about the magazines, my sweeetheart has the same thing, I like it.


Awwww :-) My man likes to steal my gossip rags. He's so cute. Whenever he finds the latest bit of gossip online he emails it right over to me! :)

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