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February 26, 2007



I'm pretty much of the same opinion as you. Gwenyths dress was such a lovely vintage-inspired dress but the hair was kind of boring. She should have played up her hair a bit to match the dress (soft curls?). Helen Mirren is stunning - I saw her on stage in London once and have been in love with her ever since. Of course, I didn't actually watch the show - I can't sit through things like that.


in agreement with you... i loved gwyneth's dress, but why the mermaid hair? :) and helen mirren... sigh. love her. the witty repartee for the presenters was not so witty. but i'm a fan of ellen and i *loved* the will farrell song!


the sad comedian song was the best!

i watched the repeat y'day on sky as i had the afternoon off + i dipped in and out. helen m looked so fab...that dress was pefect + loved her hair too. gwyn's dress was another fave of mine (the open back was gorgeous) and for my 3rd...probably naomi w's buttercup bump dress.


Greetings from Manchester! I too love the pomp and ceremony of Oscars, even if there aren't any shocking surprises. You are so right about knowing that Scorsese the very second the "3 Amigos" walked onstage.

I'm digging those gorgeous deep purple and saffron jewel tones, so Reese and Naomi take the cake for me.


i agree - very boring (didn't even stay up) but i looooved the sad comedian skit. my favorite dresses were helen mirren's + cate blanchett's + j lo's...


I couldn't agree more with you about "Million Dollar Baby." Scorsese should have won that year for "The Aviator," and while I don't think his win for "The Departed" was about the film, but more due to his whole body of work, I'm still overjoyed that he won. Nobody deserved it more.

I loved Jodie Foster's dress, especially because it so perfectly matched her eyes! And Cate Blanchette's looked like it was made completely of marcasite. Gorgeous. In fact, I agree with you about everything except Anne Hathaway's gown. It's young and fun and she's having a good time with fashion. Well done her, because it would be too young for her in ten years, so play now while you can. Cameron Diaz's just didn't sit right with me (though I couldn't name quite how til you put it into words, thanks,) and the faux turquoise (if that's what that was supposed to be) on Beyonce's just annoyed me. She and Jennifer Hudson both looked much better in their perfomance gowns (The gold jacket? What was that? Ugh.) Gwyneth bothered me cause she kept fussing with that hair all night. Everytime the camera found her she was smoothing her hair back into place. Didn't Blythe ever teach her that if you have to keep adjusting it it's not working? And I just didn't like Meryl Steep's look at all. The necklaces? What's all that, then? No thanks. And Leo was a bit too orange for my tastes, but he probably just hit the fake tan place too soon before the ceremony. A day or two in advance, please. But Penelope Cruz, JLo, Reese, and Naomi Watts all looked beautiful, and I can't think of anyone other than Nicole Kidman who could look so amazing in neck to floor fire engine red with a giant bow on her shoulder. Even saying that it sounds horrible, but on her it was divine.


i aggree with you, but i don't know i kind of liked cameron diaz's dress... it was weird... i was so conflicted!!! at first i didn't like it because i could see her big feet sticking out... but then i thought, "god, this is way better than her golden globes dress!!!"

now, it does look a little wrinkled, but then her body looks hot & it is valentino, so yea i don't know what to think anymore!!


I'm so envious of you. This was the first year in about 10 that I wasn't able to watch the Oscars. I love watching them. I really do but this year I just couldn't. So thank you for the update.

I'm glad that Jennifer Hudson won because I really did love DreamGirls with her in it. She's got a powerful voice. Strong and vibrant. Although I do absolutely love how Beyonce sings Listen, makes my heart sing. :)

Marty has been prime for an Oscar for awhile so I'm glad he finally got one (always makes me think of Alfred Hitchcok, wasn't he the one that never got one?)

The clothes - Helen Mirren is a class act. I love her. I haven't seen the Queen yet but I'm sure it's fabulous. I must agree on loving Penelope's dress (yeah, I agree, it definitely reminded me of Carrie's dress in SATC - I LOVED that dress! Loved that show too but that's another thing) but I'd have to give the Oscar to Reese. Absolutely fabulous dress; the color, the style, the ruffles (probably not the right description). Just gorgeous and the straight hair worked for her not for Gwenyth though. She always seems to either hit the nail on the head or completely miss and hit her thumb. Anne Hathaway, shame on you. Nobody and I mean nobody looks good with a gigantic bow on their chest. Come on!

Kate Winslet, love you, really do...but you could have chosen another color, something that didn't make you look like sherbet. I'm glad she didn't wear some huge blingy necklace, that probably would have ruined the dresses simplicity. Yeah, some better earrings for sure would have added something to it.

So, that's about it.

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