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Jodie Chapman

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February 07, 2007



You sound like me when I am sick. The Mister gets so mad because I try and do things "But, I have the day off so I can get things done!" No, you don't have the day off - you are sick and can barely move now get back to bed!" He just doesn't understand. :)


That garden is full of possibilities. It is very nice to start from scratch and stamp your own personality on it. You'll have a ball planning it and finding out about plants.....! Will you have any vegetables?


Outrage! I agree with The Mister, whoever he. You're off work ill, but you are well enough to go to your mum's, sew doilies and drink tea!!!

Anyway, love the blog Jodes, you make me proud and crack me up at the same time, in a good way. Love from the land of the owls and pheasants.

Your big bro x x


glad you're feeling better : )

oh how i know the joys of garden fencing...we just had ours done at a pricely sum but it looks so good now...i'm itching to get outside + getto work on the rest of the garden.

your day with your mum sounds great...funnily enough i'm off to do the same tomorrow (as long as the snow doesn't stop me!) enjoy!! x

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