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Jodie Chapman

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August 22, 2007



welcome back jodie!


Hey stranger!

I loved "The Lives of Others" and you know my feelings about "Six Feet Under." I highly recommend you look for: "Reprise," "Once," and "El Violin" once they come out in England. Welcome back! =)


Welcome back! Sounds like an amazing trip and I envy you your Orla splurging.

Loved 6 Ft Under well after it was over as well. And picked up Sia's album soon after--that song was also used in PostSecret montage just the other week. Tearjerking stuff, I tell you.


So happy you are back! I was wondering where you had gone too. And I love those Brad & Angie pictures too - I'm usually not into modern celebrity photography but you are right about those ones: its the whole mood that surrounds them that make them amazing.


hey you! well i did wonder where you'd disappeared to...funny checking in this morning to see a new post...i was waiting for your orla dress to greet me!

so happy that you bought the dress. wow! how good did you feel wearing it?! sounds like you've been a busy bee these past few months. so many exciting things happening. that photo story of b + a is truly gorgeous. love the colour is all very you : )

haven't seen the film or the tv show but will keep your recommendation in mind for the autumn evenings ahead. wishing you a happy september! welcome back + here's to more inspiration + new projects for the season ahead! x


Hi - I just found your blog today. I had to chime in and say that the Six Feet Under finale was the best finale of any series. Ever. Everything was wrapped up so perfectly in those last few minutes. I watched the series from the first day it aired, so it was nice to get a gratifying return on my investment!


So glad to have you back in the blogging world!

Love the Brangenlina pics. Seems to me they are very 70ish. The one with the gun reminds me of a Bonnie and Clyde moment. The praying at the kitchen table looks like the 60's, a perfect family. Seems funny though, doesn't it.

Can't wait to see more posts of pictures.


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