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Jodie Chapman

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September 23, 2007



Here are my answers to your questions. It was actually pretty hard. I like so many movies and actors/actresses that it was hard. It could change any day. I'm sure it's the same with you too.


so many great questions! I'll just answer one right now- favorite Hitchcock is Rear Window.

I love Rebecca, and my youngest daughter can recite the opening monologue from memory (since she was about eight yrs old. she's never been much for nersury rhymes :) ).

She can also recite Grace Kelly's long speech in Rear Window- when she is trying to refute Jimmy Stewart's idea that the neighbor killed his wife. The speech ends when she tells him to tell her everything, from the you know the one?


Hi J,
Yes I know the one! I love that part of the film; it starts to take a real dark turn from that point on. I have so many favourite Hitchcocks - Rebecca, Rear Window, Psycho, Dial M for Murder etc, so naming one is a very tricky process.
I love that your daughter can recite the opening to Rebecca. I really hope I one day have a daughter who loves old movies as much as I do and recites passages word by word, but I'm sure I'll just turn into one of those really embarrassing mothers!
Thanks for sharing,
Jodie x


The Man Who Knew Too Much is another Hitchcock that I love (Jimmy Stewart/Doris Day).

We just watched Dial M for Murder.

We watch all movies we like over and over...we're crazy like that.

Five on our list:

1)Casablanca (of course)

2)The Music Man (Robert Preston/Shirley Jones)

3)Maltese Falcon (Humphrey Bogart)

4)Treasure Island (a made for cable movie with Charlton Heston and a young Christian Bale)

5)My Man Godfrey (William Powell/Carole Lombard version)

In no particular order- and there are so many more...

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