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Jodie Chapman

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January 07, 2007



we went to italy for our honeymoon in 2004 + then back again last year...rome is so wonderful. i loved seeing your pics...they look really vintagey which i think has to do with the lovely colours that you get in sunny polaroids. i think i could happily go back every year for a hoilday + your post whisked me back there for a few minutes on a grey day in england...grazie!


I am SO going there! Thanks for this great post, I can practically smell the coffee and pizza from here...

The pictures are fabulous too - very retro looking.

Miss Dot

you sold me with the pizza!

Tiel S-K

we were in Rome in 01/02. Drove around on a vespa..the only way to see the place. We stayed in this fantastic B&B that was decorated with vintage posters and old metalic kids toys and tricyles. It was such a magic little apartment.


I love Roman Holiday! She's so awesome in that movie. My favorite part is the end though when her and Gregory Peck are looking at each other. No words spoken just the look. Love that part.

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