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Jodie Chapman

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March 08, 2007



Definitely loving your sister's apartment! I agree, camera shake adds to the pict...v. dreamy!


I havent' yet had a chance to listen to the new Arcade Fire but checked their tour dates. To my sadness, they'll be going to Portland, OR, but *not* Seattle.

I'm wishing it was summer, too. I really want to put away my tights already.


Wow, nice apartment!

Love your dress. I could never pull it off but it looks great. :)

Addictions: Nickelback, sorry to say isn't coming to my area for awhile. :(

Booked: Tickets to Florida, Gulf Coast, stay with my aunt. So excited about a little sea and sun after tax season is over.

Loving: my canon digital XTI that my husband gave me as a Christmas gift. Wish I had more time to play with it.

Wishing...I could go to the Dracula Ballet again but I can't get to Canada to see it. Too far away and I don't have an updated passport.

Wishing I could go home and scrapbook right now but I have to end my break soon and get back to work.

Thanks for the pic.!

Miss Dot

I thought it was from a fashion shoot! beeeyoutiffull (that's my attempt at a jersey accent)
Next week I am making my first approach to a Gallery for a showing....argggg wish me luck.


I just heard the Arcade Fire album over the weekend and love it too! Your photos are great, especially your b&w ones - I'm looking forward to seeing more.


that is the most gorgeous photo, and the most gorgeous apt ever!!! I'd love to see more pics

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