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Jodie Chapman

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March 30, 2007



We should only be so lucky to be dressed/living in Orla Kiely all the time! Sigh, is right. Can't wait to see how your wallpapering goes...


What is it with snooty sales-ladies? Seriously. I've had that before just buying a bottle of wine at a Vineyard in Napa. That really is a fly in my ointment.

Anyway, I love the first dress. Awesome! I could never wear it but that doesn't mean I won't appreciate it. :)



I love Orla Kiely! My friend in Dublin has a bag of hers that gets carried everywhere. I don't really see her stuff much in the states, though. I wish I did.


That red dress is just gorgeous.


Speaking of Orla, I thought you might appreciate this post:


yes, yes + it all too jodie!

sadly i don't think i'll ever be an orla owner unless someone gets a serious pay rise : (

but it's still good to dream. that top dress is a true delight! there seem to be a few orla-inspried prints on the high street right now...not the same i know.

i keep meaning to tell you that you can buy the blueprint magazine in borders if you have one near you...loads of fab colour/print in it too. hope you got your hands on a copy : ) you can always look at their website/blog too if you go via the martha stewart link.

have a great wednesday...ain't this sunshine that we're having the best?!!!! xxx


ooo i forgot to say...last weekend i watched 12 angry men with my hubby...purely from your film friday tip!

we both really loved it + must have told another dozen people on the following day : )

Cheap Televisions

Great pictures last one is my fave. 1k for a rug is a bit expensive!!!!


LOVE that blanket/beach towel thingy.


Thanks for all your comments, guys! I'm glad to hear you love Orla too. A friend of mine went to one of her sample sales in London the other day and bought one of her dresses dirt cheap...not fair. :(

I have been searching my house high and low for the past week, trying to find my July 2005 issue of Living Etc which features Orla's house. I'm terrified at the thought of having lost it as it's my favourite issue (v sad, I know.) But I found this blog which has some pictures of ORLA'S GORGEOUS HOME!!!

Check it out! I love her 1960s living-room light and her red cabinet in the kitchen.


Yes, I'm quite jealous as well... I could easily lie there all afternoon.


i love it all! i bought a cute orla bag not to long ago and let me tell you it became a fast favorite!


I've just found your blog and I love it! The Orla pics are gorgeous...Just wondering if you've ever seen the film Grey Gardens, it's a fascinating documentary from the 60's or 70's with beautiful photography that touches on themes having to do sort of with style and design. Just a random thought, love your blog.


I love everything from this post! Way cute clothes! Beautiful pictures!


I love everything from this post! Way cute clothes! Beautiful pictures!


Hi ladies if you love orla kiely designs you have to take a look at this super cute website!

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