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March 13, 2007



Any favourites - I felt as if I had written the list!! I own the complete dvd set of Alfred Hitchcock movies and love Woody Allen movies. I also really enjoyed the quirkiness of Magnolia and am a big Aimee Mann fan when it comes to the score.


I tried to see Arcade Fire last week (they played two nights), but the tickets were too damn hot. Heard they were amazing!


Ak! I LOVE Everyone Says I Love You, it's too funny! One of my favorites. And also love The Hudsucker Proxy. I should really see Streetcar again, the last time was in high school and I was being forced to watch it. It may mean something more to me without a teacher hovering about or a soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend sitting next to me. Enjoy!


Me and You and Everyone We Know is magical!


I love "me you and everyone we know," and "hudsucker proxy." tim robbins and susan had their offices in the building i worked at in manhattan (18th and 5th ave.). i rode the elevator with the giant man several times, but never could work up the nerve to gush about that movie. it's really fantastic. i too love woody, almost all of it. some is too far out there for me. i've seen about 20 of them. did you know brown university offers a degree in woody allen movies? there really are that many. ok, I've gone on far too long...


It Happened One Night! It's on my top 10 list. What a great movie. Clark Gable & Claudette Colbert are both so perfect in that movie. Lots of good background characters too - Roscoe Karns being one.

You might want to check out other Frank Capra movies - Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Lost Horizon, the 2 Apple Annie movies: Pocketful of Miracles & can't remember the title of the earlier one....

I believe you've mentioned It's a Wonderful Life so that's why I didn't. ;-)

I could go on & on & on. Have fun.


The Mister and I went to see the Arcade Fire in concert last year and it was seriously one of the best concerts we have ever seen! I only hope they are not too big to come back to our little city now.


Marnie is one of my all time favorites and second favorite Hitchcock movie (after Vertigo). Her wardrobe is amazing and her kiss with Sean Connery is great. The Man Who Knew Too Much is another one I love, especially when Doris Day sings Que Sera, Sera.


stumbled across your blog while searching for info on vintage movie costumes a few weeks ago and have been enjoying your posts..."the man who knew too much" is at the top of my list. anything doris day makes me happy as can be!!! if you are interested in biography, doris' autobio is a must-read.


It Happened One Night is fantastic & I love your Woody selections. There's some wonderful stuff there. My personal favorite on your list is McCabe & Mrs. Miller. This is a beautiful glimpse into a wintery frontier town. Julie Christie is amazing & Warren Beatty couldn't be more handsome. Enjoy all your fanastic selections!

Tom Raymond

I was glad to see a couple of Charlie Chaplin films on the list, but I'd add 'Limelight' to the list -- it's probably Chaplin's best talking picture, but the least well-known.

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